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Diego F. Correa

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Environmental scientist with interest in sustainable land-use planning, the conservation of biological diversity, habitat restoration, and the understanding of tropical ecosystems functioning. Interest in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems and their interrelationships. He aims at applying Geographic Information Systems, spatial prioritization techniques, and ecological knowledge to provide planning solutions that balance socio-economic development with the conservation of biodiversity and the regulation of ecosystem services.

Experience in GIS-based multiple-criteria decision analysis (MCDA) and integer linear programming (ILP), the proposal of ecological connectivity networks, and the development of land-cover classifications based on optical and radar imagery. He holds a PhD degree from the University of Queensland, a specialisation in GIS from the Agustín Codazzi Colombian Geographic Institute, a master’s degree in biological sciences from the Andes University (Colombia), and a bachelor’s degree in biology from the Colombian National University.

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Twitter: @diefelcorr

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Hastings Reef (2015). Photo by: Diego F. Correa
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Mangroves in Cape Tribulation (2018). Photo by: Diego F. Correa
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