Past and Present Research

Climate Change Mesocosm Experiment – 2010 to present

Meso experiment with 12 400L tanks and 3 side table each able to hold up to 24 tanks.

The mesocosm system examines the effects of climate change on reef ecosystems as well as individual organisms. The system has been running since 2010, with 6 major and numerous side experiences run during this period.


The Catlin Seaview Survey used a 360° camera to conduct transects of reefs around the world. These images are used for scientific research as well as allowing the general public to experience diving without having to enter the water.


SVII in use at the Coral Triangle during reef surveys

50 Reefs – 2019 to present

A healthy bommie on Keeper Reef

The 50 reefs project scientist and organizations and scientists invested in the survival of coral reef from around the world. They gather and bring together data on reefs that may preserved reef that can reseed other areas if we do loose most of the reefs of today.


Coral Reef Rescue Initiative

The Coral Reef Ecosystems Laboratory is proud to be a part of the Coral Reef Rescue Initiative (CCRI). This is a global project aimed at protecting and regenerating the world’s rapidly degrading tropical coral reefs for the benefit of people through nature-based solutions.

The project aims to:
– Build coral reef resilience
– Empower coastal communities
– Create a global knowledge alliance
To Learn more about this project please visit there website here

Student Projects – Still to Come!

Our laboratory hosts a number of students each year who undertake a variety of research projects. Please visit the site below to discover their most recent investigations.