About Caitie Kuempel

Dr. Caitie Kuempel is a conservation scientist working at the interface of science and policy. She is passionate about finding ways to meet the needs of the growing human population while minimizing impacts on the environment – particularly in the world’s oceans. Caitie completed her PhD at the University of Queensland in protected area design and evaluation, followed by a post-doctoral position at NCEAS UC Santa Barbara quantifying, mapping and comparing the environmental impacts of major food systems across the land and sea. She currently holds a joint post-doctoral fellowship with the University of Queensland and the World Wildlife Fund exploring ways to manage and monitor climate resilient reefs to benefit people and nature. Caitie also holds degrees in marine biology (M.S. Northeastern University, 2013), environmental science (B.S., University of Iowa, 2012) and French (B.A., University of Iowa, 2012).