Dr Andreas Kubicek

AK_color My research focus is on ecosystem functions, processes and relationships in coral reef communities. Reef systems feature complex interaction structures among associated organisms, often causing non-linear responses to change which are hard to trace with traditional ecological methods, alone. I use spatially explicit, individual based modelling to integrate current knowledge and simulate benthic coral reef communities under the influence of various sources of environmental change, such as ever increasing carbon dioxide concentrations and temperatures, as well as frequencies and intensities of extreme events (e.g. hurricanes). Model outcomes shall complement ongoing science on coral reef functioning, help to identify gaps, and aid to scrutinize potential management plans and actions in globally changing environments.


The simulation of small-scale processes allows the analysis of ecosystem responses to environmental change. Colonies of two massive (polygons) and two branching (stars) coral species compete for space with each other and algae (macroalgae as green spots; turf algae as grid). Higher level properties, such as population dynamics and community composition, emerge from local interactions of neighboring organisms, which are additionally influenced by environmental conditions.


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